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Our Aims



The governors and staff aim to provide:


  • A Safe, Secure, stimulating and welcoming school, one that supports and enhances the learning experience for all.


  • Caring Ethos, values, views and aspirations of pupils, staff and parents.


  • A happy school where effort and positive attitudes are fostered and recognised.


  • A culture of aspiration in which recognises talents and needs of learners and where our children help shape our learning.


  • A sense of fairness and respect for one another that actively encourages a pride in our heritage and knowledge and respect for cultures and traditions of others.


  • Healthy school where physical wellbeing fosters self-esteem and supports a rounded and balanced approach to work and lifestyles.


  • Active promotion of citizenship that encourages participation, respectability and our duty of caring for those disadvantaged.


  • The school where welsh identity, cultural and language is promoted.


  • A school that works in partnership with parents to provide knowledge, skills and confidence to help our children achieve their potential.


  • A school that promotes fun and excitement celebrates effort and success in all fields of endeavour.



  • To be a secure and happy school in which our children are valued and supported to achieve their full potential