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Our Aims




The governors and staff aim to provide:


  • We will develop a sense of ‘Cynefin’, where we are proud of the Heritage, Culture and language of Wales


    We are committed as a whole school community to the sustainability of our planet and the impact we have


    We are a safe, secure, welcoming school that promotes preparation for lifelong learning through authentic, exciting and enriching experiences


    We are a healthy school who promotes the Physical, Mental and Emotional well-being of all of the school community


    We will provide a sense of fairness and respect for one another and a knowledge and respect for cultures and traditions as a member of a diverse society and our wider school community


    We have a culture of developing Ambitious, Capable Learners, where risk taking and resilience is everyday practice.


    We will develop 21st Century citizens ready for the Digital World




To be a secure and happy school in which our children are valued and supported to achieve their full potential