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Criw Cymraeg

The Criw Cymraeg are responsible for encouraging the use of the Welsh language throughout the school in addition to promoting a positive Welsh ethos. There are a number of things that the Criw Cymraeg have planned, including a variety of competitions to help celebrate the Welsh language. All of their work will go towards helping us achieve the Cymraeg Campus language charter bronze award, which they are very excited about.


Mae'r Criw Cymraeg yn gyfrifol am...

The Criw Cymraeg are responsible for...



Hybu'r Gymraeg drwy'r ysgol.

Promoting Welsh throughout the school.


Gemau amser chwarae.

Leading playground games in Welsh.



Ymadrodd yr Wythnos.

Phrase of the Week.



Gwasanaeth Cymraeg.

Welsh assembly.




"Siaradwr yr Wythnos."



"Diwrnodau Hwyl."